Hydroponic Package - Save 15%

Package Includes:

  • Introduction to Hydroponics (Hydroponic Crop Production) (13 minutes)
  • Nutrient Formulation: Precision Fertilizer Management (27 minutes)
  • Zero Runoff Technology (22 minutes)
Harley Smith, a revolutionary in hydroponics, introduces hydroponics and the benefits and characteristics of hydroponic plants.  Harley talks about the basics of hydroponic systems along with how photosynthesis works within each plant.  Harley will go in depth into plant environments, plant conditions, nutrient levels, various stages of vegetation growth and flowering or blooming of the plant.  In addition, Harley stresses the need to keep records of your work, in particular how to control the pH and the importance of using a EC meter daily to check the nutrient levels of your plant.

Harley Smith discusses fertilizer management along with how to increase root growth, when and why to use various macro and micro elements; in addition to the benefits of using enzymes and cofactors.  Harley also discusses balancing of these elements to optimize growth along with using chelators to get the most out of each plant.

Harley Smith talks about creating zero runoff technology and the benefits it provides.  Harley discusses his time with Dutch growers, generating greater yields without the use of any fertilizers therefore creating no wastes and zero environmental runoff. Harley will talk about recirculating systems, nutrients in the water, and pH buffers.  Harley also talks about nutrient and leaf analysis to determine nutrient deficiencies and solutions thereof.

Total Video Time: 62 minutes

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