Its like learning from your grandpa,the best and most loving class out there! Amazing is an understatement! Lots of love Aditya
Rated 5 out of 5

~Aditya Jain


I'll probably watching this 10 times each just to absorb the amount of information. I do wish it was 99% lecture. The best videos are the propagating and cloning. The visual guides are easier to absorb. I'd like to see a class on identifying what the plant needs so we know how to "spoon feed". Thanks Harley!
Rated 5 out of 5

~Andy Chapman


It's also nice to finally be on board with professionals, will look into "street science" in the future, that's sweet. I want to thank you Mark for taking the time and giving the attention needed for my order even tho I'm not a big commercial facility. I've been a licensed medical grower for 3 years now since I was diagnosed with perianal abscess, 11 surgeries since 2017. That's what fueled me to reach out to someone like you. I'm precisely following the all in one feeding schedule hoping for great results! Pleasure doing business with you. Happy Growing!



I’m a medical cannabis patient that is on long term disability. For the last 3 years I’ve been dedicated trying so many different products and experiments to get the best medical cannabis I can possibly achieve, as well as answering questions that I had for myself. I have to say that your Grow & Bloom beneficial bacteria & microbes is an AMAZING product. I had soil problems in the past such as pyth and once I starting using this product I’ve never had a problem again. But it doesn’t stop there. I did a few side by side comparisons and noticed a big difference. The side with the microbes was more vigorous and looked that much better than the side without. The final result was amazing too. The side with the microbes tasted so much better and was more potent than the side without. Every grower using soil/soiless should be using this product

~Patrick H