From Humble Beginnings to Nurturing the Future: The NPK Industries Story

Howdy, plant parents and garden gurus! Welcome to the first official blog of NPK Industries, where we not only cultivate top-shelf nutrients, but cultivate a community around the joy of growing. Buckle up, because we're about to take a whirlwind tour from our roots in 2010 to the vibrant present.

It all began with a yearning for a simpler, more customizable and affordable approach to plant nutrition. We were just a couple of buddies/growers from Northern California with a desire to make some changes to how we fed our plants.

We were tired of paying for water with our plant nutrition and knew there was a better way. We had been successful cultivators for years and took that experience to our network and found the answers we needed and made connections that would change our lives and create the company now known as NPK Industries. 

Enter Harley Smith, our former resident agronomist extraordinaire (and the friendly face many associate with NPK Industries). Harley, with his passion for plant potential and knack for clear communication, identified a crucial missing piece in the grower's toolkit.

He dreamt of a system that empowered cultivators, from weekend warriors to seasoned professionals, to precisely craft nutrient solutions that catered to their plants' unique needs. He refers to it as Spoon Feeding and thus, the RAW revolution was born! Our innovative line of soluble nutrients and organic bio-stimulants puts the conductor's baton squarely in your (green-gloved) hands.

Fast forward a decade, and NPK Industries has blossomed into a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the garden world. We've seen a surge in the love for horticulture all over the globe, with folks everywhere embracing the magic of growing their own plants for food and medicine. Whether it's a balcony bursting with cherry tomatoes or a sprawling rooftop herb garden, people are reconnecting with gardening and the simple satisfaction of nurturing life, and of course, growing healthy plants.

But NPK Industries isn't just about houseplants and hobby gardens. We've got a whole new division, KALIX CPN, dedicated to supporting the backbone of American agriculture: our commercial farmers. Here's the beauty of the RAW line – they're not just potent, they're economical! Thanks to our bulk buying power, we can offer commercial-grade pricing, making these high-performance nutrients accessible to even the largest-scale operations. Imagine, nourishing entire fields with the power of precise, RAW-esome plant nutrition!

Here at NPK Industries, we're more than just a company; we're a passionate group dedicated to empowering growers of all stripes. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our loyal customers who've been with us on this journey. To the newbies just starting out, we invite you to join the NPK family! Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or a curious newcomer, we have the tools to help your plants thrive. So, head over to our website, explore the RAW magic, and get ready to witness the flourishing potential within your garden. Happy growing, friends!

The NPK Team

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